How I Created My Author Box

Rick from WebberWays asked how I created the author box that appears at the bottom of my posts.

Bryan Kerr's Author Box

Actually, I don’t use a plugin at all. Since I’m using the Genesis Framework for my blog, all I had to do was add this code to the end of my functions.php file:

// Display author box on single posts
add_filter( 'get_the_author_genesis_author_box_single', '__return_true' );

// Modify the author box title
add_filter( 'genesis_author_box_title', 'author_box_title' );
function author_box_title() {
  return '<strong>Article by Bryan Kerr</strong>';

I got this from Brian Gardner’s page of code snippets to customize the author box. I also changed gravatar size in the author box from 60 to 80 pixels by editing this section of my theme’s functions.php file:

 * Modify the size of the Gravatar in the author box
 * @param int $size
function prose_gravatar_size($size) {
  return '80';
add_filter('genesis_author_box_gravatar_size', 'prose_gravatar_size');

Then, I went to Genesis -> SEO Settings,

Genesis SEO Settings

and in the Homepage Author section, set myself as the Homepage Author.

Genesis SEO Setting: Homepage Author

Finally, I went to my Users -> Your Profile settings in the WordPress Dashboard,

WordPress Users: Your Profile

and entered my Google+ profile address in the Contact Info section. Then in the Biographical Info section, I entered the text that I wanted to appear in my author box.

Wordpress Users Profile Google Plus Bio

That’s it.


  1. Hi, Bryan,

    Thanks so much for your terrific (wonderfully precise and detailed) advice. As a fellow (albeit newbie) blogger and Genesis user, I’m finding HobbyBlogger just what the doctor ordered! … Question on this post, though: First, I simply added the Author Box code to my functions file, then checked the results. Worked like a charm! Then I went back into functions and tried adding the code you provided for changing the size of your avatar. (Because my default functions code didn’t actually include the code you show here, I couldn’t simply change the number from 60 to 80.) But after “saving” the change, unfortunately, the page went blank and then when I tried opening a new window and going to my site, the page was blank there, too. Argh! Any idea how I can get things back up and running again? …. Thanks a million! Play

    • Hi Play. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I see that there was a semicolon missing in this line:

      add_filter('genesis_author_box_gravatar_size', 'prose_gravatar_size')

      It looks like you have your site back up in running, but if anyone else changes their functions.php and their site goes blank, here’s what was probably going on. If there’s an error in your functions.php file, it WordPress crashes and you can’t see your blog. Even worse, you can’t edit your functions.php file in WordPress to fix the problem.

      Most hosts offer a web-based file browser accessible through the control panel. Use that file browser to navigate to your functions.php file and the file browser should allow you to edit the file and get WordPress back up and running.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Play.

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