Unclogging the Pipes: Overcoming My First Blogging Dry Spell

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Seems like I’ve fallen into the same rut that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Back then, a blog I intended to start never got off the ground, because I spent seven weeks reading about blogging.

See what I just said? I was reading about blogging, but not actually blogging. I created this blog because of that frustrating realization.

It’s funny because the tendency to do a lot of research plagues me often. When I bought my first car, I did about two months worth of research—reading forums, magazine reviews, etc.—before I made my purchase.

Of course, that was almost thirteen years ago. I still drive that car every day to work, and I haven’t had to put any money into it other than routine maintenance. All in all, I’ve regretted few, if any, of my major purchases. So doing a lot or research is usually a good thing for me.

When it comes to blogging though, my penchant for research and preparation gets in the way if I’m not careful.

Lately I’ve been working on a couple of projects for this blog that have kept me from posting for a while. The projects are taking longer than planned because I want to get some other things in place (like setting up MailChimp) to take full advantage of the posts: the over-preparing thing.

I hadn’t created a Facebook or Google+ page because I wanted to learn more about the best ways to create and use them. Again, things not getting done because I didn’t feel completely prepped.

So my drive and motivation have waned, and I’ve been slacking a bit.

Finally, Jason Mathes’s (from avgjoegeek.net) comment on my last post woke me up and made me realize the over-research/prep monster was creeping in and blocking up my blogging.

I know it happens to bloggers­­––losing motivation or inspiration. More and more time elapses between posts, and soon the blogs drift into the ether. Three newish blogs I was reading a regularly have gone completely dark over the last month. I hope they come back, but it doesn’t look promising.

I refuse to let that happen to me. Just like how I started this blog, I just went and created my Google+ page. It’s barren, but I’ll figure it out and improve it as I go along.

I know Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan can be trite at times, but they’re right. Get off the schneid and do something, anything, to keep your momentum going.

Thanks Jason for shaking me up a bit.

I wonder if any of you have hit dry spells. When did you hit your first blogging wall? How did you get through it?

Article by Bryan Kerr

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  1. I just realized this same thing about myself the other day! I overprepare and research. It makes me stuck, not capable of doing anything. Research is good, but for people like you and me it’s dangerous.

    It’s good to hear I’m not the only one.

    • Bryan Kerr says:

      I’m starting to get in the habit of writing a short blurb about every page I visit in my research. Sometimes it’s more than a blurb, so I’m spending less time in my research ruts.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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