Deciding to Write and Submit My First Guest Post

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on a post that I planned to publish today.

I got the idea for this post a while ago, but it’s been sitting on the back burner because it’s a bit controversial, and I wasn’t sure how well it fits with the rest of this blog’s content.

However, Derek Halpern’s How to Manipulate People For Fun (and Profit) inspired me to push forward. His formula for getting posts to go viral is:

Outrage + Controversy = Massive Traffic

So I thought I’d give it a try and see if I could boost my traffic.

As I’ve developed the post, though, a few issues have been nagging me. First, I’m still concerned about the post’s tone note quite matching The Hobby Blogger’s overall tone. I’m not a controversial guy—I’m much more of an even-keeled shades-of-gray kind of person.

Second, I don’t have a ton of readers yet, so I wonder if that limits the post’s ability to go “viral.”

Third, what would I do with all that traffic if it did come? I’m still using FeedBurner for my email list (not great). I don’t have any products to sell, and I have minimal advertising. So I’m not really in a good position to take advantage of a sudden influx of visitors.

My reasons for guest posting

I figured that submitting the article as a guest post could solve all three issues:

  1. A guest post frees me up from worrying how my readers will take the post.
  2. I can get a lot more exposure by leveraging a popular blog’s large audience to spread the post throughout the blogosphere.
  3. Having my post go through another blog’s editorial process would give me some time to get ready to take advantage of the traffic. Incidentally, Michael Chibuzor just wrote a good piece on John Chow’s blog about determining if you’re primed for guest posting.

So with that, I’m going to swing for the fences and submit the post to ProBlogger. I mean, what the heck. This blog’s almost a year old. Getting the post accepted would be a nice anniversary present. And if it gets rejected, I’ll probably end up posting it here.

I’d love to know how and when you decided to write and submit your first guest post. Tell me your experience in the comments.

Article by Bryan Kerr

I love breaking down the techie side of blogging into easy-to-understand tutorials. That's mostly what you'll find here on The Hobby Blogger.


  1. Hey Brian,

    Congratulations on deciding to make it happen!

    In all honesty, out of the hundreds of articles and blog posts I’ve published across multiple sites and blogs, I have never done a guest post. I read Michaels post about it and I’ve been thinking about it more and more. Not to mention the fact that nearly every post I’ve read today has been a guest post.

    I am really interested to know what happens with this and I’m sure you’ll let everyone know here when the time comes!


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