Day 1: Diving Right In

Welcome to – a blog about building a blog.

My name is Bryan Kerr and this is my first blog.

Back in July I decided to start a couple of education-related blogs with a colleague as part of our professional development.

I basically knew nothing about blogging. I began reading and learning as much about the subject as I could. Being very detail oriented, I wanted to avoid repeating mistakes made by other newbie bloggers and get the blogs off to a great start.

That said, I don’t have the time to be a professional blogger. I’m a husband and father with a day job, and I’m well aware of the slim prospects of earning a comfortable living solely from blogging.

So I realize my blogs will be a hobby. I’ll do the best I can with the little free time I have.

Starting The Hobby Blogger

About 7 weeks into my blogging crash course, I thought, “Wow. I’m learning a lot about blogging, but I’m nowhere near ready to launch my blogs. There’s too much left to do.” My quest toward the perfect launch was, in fact, preventing my launch. The anti-launch.

The Hobby Blogger is my reaction to the opposite extreme. The school I work for emphasizes “learning by doing.” So I’m diving right in. No logo. No SEO. No ads. No social networking. I didn’t even Google around to see whether this blog concept has already been done before. I’m starting with nothing more than this post and a Genesis Prose theme using default settings. I will build from there.

The Hobby Blogger will chronicle everything I learn and do as I launch and establish this and my other blogs, instead of just using Journler like I have been for the last eight weeks. You’ll see every little change I make to the blog, and I’ll write about the reasons for my decisions.

Right now you must be thinking, “But the blogosphere is already saturated with blogs about blogging.” And you’re right. My hope is that the linear nature of this blog’s development from scratch will serve as a guide to those who have just started or are considering starting their own blogs.

Hopefully, those of you reading this blog will offer constructive criticism, and together, we can all figure out how to be better bloggers.

Article by Bryan Kerr

I love breaking down the techie side of blogging into easy-to-understand tutorials. That's mostly what you'll find here on The Hobby Blogger.

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